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Carl Grody, LISW-S, specializes in child, adolescent, and family therapy.  He's been in private practice since 2010 after spending three years with the Community Psychiatric Support (CSP) Team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.  Grody is a trained group leader in the Incredible Years parenting program, and he is the family therapy columnist for Columbus Parent magazine.
Grody earned his Master’s degree in Social Work from The Ohio State University in 2007.  While there, he benefited from an intensive, nine-month family therapy internship at Rosemont Center with two professors from The Ohio State University, Dr. Gil Greene and Dr. Susan Saltzburg.
Grody uses an integrated, strengths-oriented approach that focuses on solutions and positive narratives.  He also uses a systems approach, which means involving parents in their children’s treatment.
Grody also is a published author.  He's published 13 books as well as hundreds of articles for national magazines.
Carl's Latest Blogs
Q&A: How Do I Get My Kids To Apologize?
Q: My child got in an argument during a play date recently, and I made him apologize. He didn’t want to, of course, and it was like pulling teeth to get him to do it ...
Squaring Off With Chronic Pain:
A Family Battle
In the first session with a client, I emphasize that there’s no right or wrong way to feel. Your feelings are what they are, and nobody can tell you ...
Q&A: Can I Trust My Kids Online?
Q: I want to trust my children with their phones and social media, but I also want to make sure they’re not getting in over their heads ...
Carl's column in
Columbus Parenting magazine:

Tackling Marital Burnout

Often, couples get blindsided by the need for counseling. Pride gets in the way, or hopelessness, or that uneasy feeling when something’s wrong but you can’t quite figure out why ...

Yelling: They Don't Hear You Better

Slats Maple. It sounds like a flavored granola, but Slats Maple was just an ordinary man who volunteered to coach baseball for middle-school kids in Fort Collins, Colorado, back in the late 1980s ...

Creating Balance

Parents are caught in a cultural double-bind.  If kids have too much freedom, people say they’re being neglected.  If moms and dads are involved in every detail, they’re accused of being helicopter parents.  You’re judged if you do and judged if you don’t. Who knows what to do ...



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